Coolest Pretty Purse Birthday Cake

This purse birthday cake was for my husband’s boss’ daughter’s birthday (hope that wasn’t too confusing, lol).

I decided to go with a 3D purse, so I baked two quarter slab cakes, cooled, cut each in half and sandwiches between layers of butter cream. I chilled the cake to let it firm up before carving. I carved the cake into the shape I wanted and then crumb-coated the entire thing. I covered it with brown fondant. I made the purse flap as a separate piece, and trimmed it in bright pink edging, using the stitching tool to make it appear sewn.

I hand-piped pink icing along the edges, used Tappits for the monogram and made a couple of small, delicate flowers, putting a silver dragee in the center. I made and attached the handle separately and believe it or not, my husband made the bow (he did a better job than I could have!).

She loved it.