This cake was made with the intention of it being 3D however, I felt I did not trust it. It was a Texas chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting. .. bad choice for a white fondant cover but it worked out.  I lay the cake down and covered it.  The chain and gold buckles were made 2 days in advance to dry then painted with gold pearl dust and vodka mix. The golden flap of the purse is where things get funny. I wanted to replicate the Versailles pattern but couldn’t.  It was too intricate in design and having double hand surgery didn’t help so I had to think way outside the box.  Had a vintage style self-standing mirror which  I took white fondant and started imprinting randomly, then redoing it in different directions.  Once it dried,  I painted it just like the other items.  Once it was put together,  I placed the leather strap onto to the chain and imprinted stitches on strap and purse.  I then laid out a pink fondant to replicate  piece of material and dusted that with the gold dust to give a chic elegant look.  Everyone went crazy over the purse.  I was invited to someone’s home just to make it in front of them.  No one could believe it was just cake.  I was absolutely honored by all the compliments.