Coolest Princess Belle Cake Design

I love baking but had never tried anything adventurous until I found this site and decided to attempt a Princess Belle Cake Design for my princess-mad daughter’s 4th birthday, taking loads of inspiration from the cakes already on this site.

I used 6 boxes of chocolate cake mix and made my base cake, two 7ins cakes stacked on top of each other, and the dome part using a Pyrex bowl. The large base cake and the bowl took a long time in the oven, and I covered them with tin foil to stop the tops burning. I also baked them slowly on quite a low heat just to be on the safe side!

I iced in between the parts and all around (crumb coating)using chocolate buttercream and iced the base part with pink fondant. I then made her bodice using yellow fondant, with some sugar pearls for the detailing. I stuck it to her body using edible glue, of course wrapping her head in cling-film to protect her hair.

Then I made a hole in the cake for Belle’s legs using an apple corer, and iced the skirt using tear-shaped segments of yellow fondant, and used a spoon to make the drape imprints before overlapping each segment onto the cake and tucking the top of each segment into the hole. I then inserted Belle and she fit perfectly!

Then I just added some store-bought yellow sugar flowers to the base cake and brushed some yellow shimmer/lustre powder all over her dress. I’m very pleased with how it turned out and enjoyed hearing all the other mum’s shocked reactions when I mentioned that I’d made it myself!! The only bit that went wrong was that I’d underestimated the amount of fondant icing I needed, and had to rush out to buy more at the last minute! My daughter and her friends loved it and everyone said it was delicious too.

It took me about 6-8 hrs overall but I really enjoyed making it.