I saw a Princess Carriage Cake online and wondered if I could make one or not. I used the sports ball pan and baked a chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream for middle and outside of cake. I cut a little off the bottom of the cake so it would sit flat and also put some icing so it wouldn’t slide.

I covered the cake in marshmallow fondant. I used royal icing for the wheels and rose on top, which I made while the cake was baking, so that away by the time I needed them they would be dry, and the side supports for the little shelves also. I used mmf for the roses that went around the cake, which I put on the cake using toothpicks so they would stay put and the swags, the door, and the steps were also made out of mmf fondant and I also used it to connect the two wheels together.

The doll was just a toy bought at the store for a few dollars.