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Coolest Princess Snow White Cake

This Princess Snow White Cake is my daughter’s 3rd birthday cake. I baked the cake and made the fondant. Heather, my daughter’s friend, designed and decorated it.

I baked yellow cake mix into the Wilton Classic wonder mold doll pan and a 9 inch round cake pan. I made the fondant using mostly powdered sugar base with vanilla and corn syrup. I used different food colors and icing colors to achieve all the colors in Snow White’s dress.

Heather frosted the cake with yellow frosting, then rolled out yellow fondant and wrapped it around the cake to create the yellow skirt portion of the dress. She rolled out royal blue fondant to wrap around the doll pick to create the bodice, and then used a knife to cut off the excess around the arms.

Next she rolled two small light blue round balls of fondant to make the puffy sleeves and press onto the shoulder of the doll. She then made six red color diamond shape fondant to add to the sleeves. Finally, she rolled a thin yellow line of fondant to add to her center part of the bodice. I then sprinkled yellow sugar on the skirt and used yellow piped icing for the bottom of the dress. I made apples at the base of the cake using red ball shapes of fondant and made brown fondant stems for the apples.

My daughter loved her birthday cake. Many people who attended the party loved the cake; even Snow White who made a special visit to my daughter’s party remarked that she liked the cake. I was really happy the way the cake turned out and I am very proud of Heather. She did an amazing job of decorating the cake. She sure will have a bright future in cake design. Heather’s mom Connie is pleased to have me summit this cake.

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