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Coolest Pullapart Scooby Cupcake Cake

My son loves Scooby Doo so for his 4th birthday I decided to make a Pullapart Scooby Cupcake Cake of Scooby’s face. I made one box of chocolate cupcakes (24) the night before. I freehanded a picture of Scooby on another piece of cardboard the same size I would be using so I could get a good idea of the size I’d need. I arranged the cupcakes and put dabs of frosting under each one to hold in place.

For the frosting, I made peanut butter frosting for the brown areas, and regular buttercream for the rest. I then iced it using a star tip and then piped premade black frosting for details!

My son loved it and so did all the guest! It was my first attempt at the cupcake cake but it was so nice just to pull it apart and serve!

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