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Coolest Scooby Birthday Cake Design

My 3 year-old is a Scooby fanatic, and he didn’t like the only Wilton pan that was available at the time. This Scooby Birthday Cake Design is a double layered 10” square vanilla buttermilk cake filled with lingonberry preserves and frosted with an almond flavored Crisco-based decorator frosting. What I like about this frosting is that it’s easily smoothed with an off-set spatula dipped in hot water (it also holds up really well in hot weather).

I don’t like free-hand work, so I used this trick I read about on another Scooby cake description: I googled a Scooby coloring page, traced it onto waxed paper with a sharpie, and then traced it in black gel on the back side to make a transfer onto the iced cake. This worked great, even on a slightly rounded cake top. Scooby is filled in the stars and outlined in black.

This was a fairly easy cake to decorate, but I will warn you- be careful how much of the Wilton “Scooby Teal” gel color you use- for such a light color it took a lot, and my frosting ended up a bit looser than I like for decorating. Also- no matter how cute my husband and I thought “Rappy Birthday” sounded, almost every guest informed me of my spelling error.

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