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Coolest Spooky Scooby Doo Birthday Cake

My son always has tall orders when it comes to his birthday.  He thinks his mom is a miracle worker.  And there is no way I am going to dissappoint him.  No matter what I have to do.

He decided his theme for his 7th birthday is going to be Scooby-Doo and monsters. But because I know that some of the kids are quite scared, I convinced him to go for Scooby-doo with a “ghost like” theme.  And there my nightmare started.

He brought me his mystery machine and Scooby-doo toy. This is what I want was the instruction. With Scooby standing up in the mystery machine with his head out the rooftop. He put it on the bench with this “highly impressed” smile on his face and left. I thought to myself “oh my goodness, what am I in for?”  And I immediately got stressed.

Okay, lets start planning. I worked out how many kids and parents are going to be at the party as I didn’t want to make this massive cake and it all goes to waste. That was senseless to me. I will do a bottom tear in the shape of a rectangle representing the road. This shall be made with chocolate mud cake. I filled the cake with butter cream icing and covered it in fondant. There is a black strip in the middle for the road with brown sides representing the sand at the side of the road. This was easy. Well done to myself.

The mystery machine was a no-brainer. I used polystyrene that I glued together and cut in the shape of the mystery machine. This was also covered in fondant and the wheels were covered in modelling chocolate (which I found from a local supplier).

Now for the Scooby-Doo and Spooky on his back. I decided to make my own rice crispy treats. I started shaping the Scooby with the Spooky on his back. Not thinking of the stability, Scooby decided he does not want to stand up straight but would like to be a bit more “lenient”.  Have to sort this out.  I got PVC pipe and pushed it up the middle.  I also added some small PVC pipe around the bottom of his feet so they don’t start squashing because of the pressure.

Once Scooby and Spooky were formed and stable, I started covering it in modelling chocolate. What a job that was. This figure was 50 centimetres high and I wanted it to be smooth. I learnt a great deal of lessons with this one.

My son kept on checking in with me and asking if I can cope making a cake like this.  And every time, not wanting to disappoint him, I assured him (excuse the pun) “it is a piece of cake”.  The stress I was experiencing buried deep inside me.  I will just have to get this done.

When the cake was finished I got the best confirmation in the world.  “Mommy, you are the greatest and you can do anything” How nice is that.  I know all boys say that to their moms, but I absolutely grabbed it with both hands as I needed some validation for this difficult task I have just completed.

His friends loved the cake. Their parents loved the cake. I got approached by people asking if I would do cakes for them. They have never seen anything like this and love it. Unfortunately, because of the time and love I put in my cake, I only bake for special people in my life. This is a act of love.  It is a piece of yourself standing there.

Coolest Spooky Scooby Doo Birthday Cake

Coolest Spooky Scooby Doo Birthday Cake

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