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Coolest Pumpkin Cake

Being a keen baker, I quickly volunteered to make a cake for my friend’s daughter, who has her birthday very close to Halloween and arranged a theme party to fit the season. I was delighted to finally have a good use for my Bundt cake tin, which was yet to be christened.

This pumpkin cake is made up of 2 bundt cakes (one a carrot cake, and the other a lemon and almond cake), and an additional 12 inch round cake (more carrot) to go between. I baked these a few days ahead and froze them (best not to leave things to the last minute when you have a toddler!!).

When time to assemble the whole cake, I carved the round cake to fit in with the bundt cake shape. I spread apricot jam between the layers. Then covered the whole lot in a buttercream (made from whipped butter, melted marshmallows, white chocolate and lemon curd – a recipe that I’d made up as I went along!! Luckily, it tasted delicious). After letting the buttercream set, which didn’t take long as the cake was still pretty cold, it was time to tackle the scary part – the icing! The icing is made from 2 blocks of marzipan kneaded together with a big block of fondant icing and a few drops of red and yellow coloring. I rolled this out and quickly covered the cake. The bundt shape made it so satisfying to smooth down and shape into a pumpkin. In fact, I impressed myself with this little creation!!!

The stalk is made from left over icing made brown with some cocoa and a little water, then molded into shape and fixed to teh top of the pumpkin with some leftover buttercream.

The final touch was to heat a few tablespoons of lemon curd and brush this over the cake, and then finally added some cocoa to the remaining warm lemon curd and brushed this into grooves on the cake (to make the pumpkin look a little more realistic). It gave a good shine, and stopped the marzipan/icing from drying out too.

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