I got all my information for making this purple dot tiara cake from this site, Wilton books, and from the internet. I made a practice cake first using the fondant, and ended up using a marshmallow fondant recipe that I found on the internet. I just used boxed cake mixes, and made a buttercream icing.

I would suggest making everything you can ahead of time to make it easier when you actually make and assemble the cakes. I made both my icing and fondant days before so that it would be done, and it still took tons of time to get this cake baked, covered in fondant, and decorated, as it was only the second cake I had ever covered in fondant.

The practice cake I made was similar to some on this site. It was just a two layer 8″ round cake covered in fondant, with a bow made out of fondant.

This actual cake was for my daughter’s 21st birthday. I didn’t want to make the fondant bow again, and found the purple tiara, so decided to go with the all purple theme. I had never made a cake in tiers before, so this was a lot of fun and I learned lots of tricks.

Each tier is two layers iced with buttercream first. Both layers of each tier were leveled (crown of cake cut off), and the top layer of each tier is placed top side down. Each tier is done separately on a cardboard round before it is assembled. Dowel rods are placed in each tier before another tier is stacked on it, and a long dowel rod was inserted through all three tiers when finished.

This was by no means perfection when it was finished, but looked pretty good for someone who had never really decorated any kind of cake before, and most of all my daughter thought it was awesome! It was definitely an act of love and I have to say that people who do this for a living definitely earn their money!

Purple Dot Cake