Coolest Purse Birthday Cake Design

This Purse Birthday Cake Design is my first purse cake! This cake was made for a friend of mine for her 24th birthday.

There are 3 layers. I simply used a lemon box cake mix and since I didn’t have a pan, I bought one that had 3 different pans from the grocery store. I originally wanted to use a 8in pan that was the typical 2in for this cake, but figured I’d give the 3 layers a try.

Again, this was a lemon cake and so I filled each cake layer with lemon filling (cut each layer in half). Also, be sure when filling a cake to pipe some sort of ‘dam’ around the layer you’re filling to avoid the filling from spilling out. To avoid to much lemony flavor I used vanilla frosting in a piping bag for this.

After I filled the layer I frosted it with lemon frosting. I did this for the remaining two layers.

After all was filled and frosted, I frosted the whole cake with a thin layer of the lemon frosting and put the cake in the fridge, not the freezer.

After about about an hour I took the cake out and cut a small part off each end. I then refrosted the now exposed sides to prepare for my fondant.

I used MMF cut into the shapes of each piece to avoid having to roll it out and it breaks or something. I found this helps when you may still learning about how to use fondant! I’m sure using a template helps but I’m pretty good with measuring using my hand and ‘guesstimating’.

Besides that I just really customized the bag because being my first purse cake I see all these ideas but none are helping!

So I just looked at some different pictures and took a little here and there. The wallet is actually a rice krispy treat. I made some rice krispy treats and used a little of that to make it. The wallet is also covered in fondant. I used the pointed end of a toothpick/skewer to achieve the letters and the design throughout the purse and wallet. Hope that helps!

Happy Baking.


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