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Coolest Butterflies and Daisies Birthday Cake

Our daughter LOVES butterflies and daisies. We were not surprised when she wanted a Butterflies and Daisies Birthday Cake for her 6th birthday party.

I had purchased pans to create the shapes of the cakes. I like to bake from scratch and not a box. The butterfly cake was cookies and cream. The daisy cake was sweet strawberry. I used butter cream icing on both; pink, purple and yellow. The daisy was decorated with a star tip and a writing tip. The butterfly was decorated with a writing tip and also the star tip. The smaller butterflies on the side were made of candy melts.

I free handed them onto waxed paper; one wing at a time. Before they started to set I sprinkled soft pastel non pariels onto the wings. Let them harden overnight; then used icing and chocolate chips to set the wings in place. I also made and decorated iced sugar cookies. Butter cream again on both and for the butterflies I put soft pastel non pariels on the wet light purple icing.

Homemade Butterflies and Daisies Birthday Cake

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