Coolest Record Birthday Cake

I’ve started making different cakes for friends and family of their favorite things. My father in law is a big fan of the Beatles so as surprise for his birthday I made this Beatles Record Birthday Cake complete with player. It was a big hit! Everybody devoured it.

I put chocolate icing on a chocolate 13×9 rectangular and an 8″ round cake. For the record I used black gel food coloring. Place the round cake off center on top of the “player”. For the arm I cut a strawberry Twizzler in half and covered both halves in chocolate icing and put them together and stuck it in a corner next to the record. I then covered four whole strands of Twizzlers together with more chocolate icing. YUM… Rest one end on the record and the other end on the piece sticking up from the cake. Attach with more icing.

For the middle of the record I tinted some white icing with green gel food coloring. Piped it in the shape of an apple and embellished with a few light green sprinkles. Last but not least use mini Oreo cookies for the player knobs. It’s a chocoholics dream!

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