Coolest Jukebox Cake

My dad really loves music, so I decided a jukebox cake would be perfect for his birthday. I combined pictures I found online of jukeboxes with other ideas from this website to come up with my design. It was surprisingly easy to decorate, since I could block it off in to sections: the speakers at the bottom, the song selection area, the record player at the top and the tubes of color along the outside edge.

The cake was just a boxed mix made in a 11×14(?) pan with the top corners trimmed off to make the curve. All the icing is store bought from a tub to make my life easier. I iced the background of the various sections and used chocolate icing as outlines and the “wooden” looking areas. The song selectors are red M&M’s with a squiggle of black icing that I put on with a toothpick. The record player and notes are black icing, and the records are single Oreos (taken apart and scraped off the filling).

The color tubes along the outside edge were piped on pretty thick using the pastry filler tip on my decorator. Then, I dipped my finger in cornstarch to smooth them out some. It was a lot of fun to make, and Dad really loved it!


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