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Coolest Red the Fire Truck from Cars Cake

My son loves the movie Cars and also loves fire trucks so it made sense to try to replicate “Red” the fire truck from the movie. The Red the fire truck from Cars cake is supported on plywood with dowel axles and wheels that roll.

The wheel wells were round cardboard boxes purchased at a craft store and cut to size. Chocolate cake covered in store-bought red fondant (because it’s hard to get a good red colour when making at home). The side panels and ladder of the truck are solid chocolate which I poured into a homemade mold. The accessories were all gum paste covered in silver lustre.

Lots of work but worth it to see the look on my son’s face!

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  1. Was just curious if you could tell me how you constructed this. I have been asked to make one. Can you tell me what size pan you used? I need to feed 25-30 people so not sure what size sheet pan would work. Yours turned out really good. Also, I’m guessing that the cake is sitting on a cake board and then the cake board is sitting on something to make it float so that your wheels are touching. Can you explain this too? I appreciate any help that you can give me. Thanks,


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