Coolest Roller Coaster Theme Park Cake

For my 11th birthday, I had a party at the Luna Park in Melbourne, Australia. This is the roller coaster cake that I made for my friends (with a little help from my sister Zoe and my mum).

The cake is a moist sour cream chocolate cake – my favorite! We baked the cake in a roasting pan as we didn’t have a big enough cake pan. The cake is frosted with green butter cream icing. The roller coaster is made of a special kind of lolly called sour strap, supported with bamboo skewers and chocolate fingers (remember not to eat the bamboo skewers!).

We made the roller coaster cars out of pieces of Tim Tam biscuit, with icing flower wheels, and icing fairy girls. We used a little melted chocolate to glue the cars onto the track, and left room in the middle of the track for 11 candles. The loop-the-loop is my favorite part of the cake. Because I am vegetarian, I was careful to only use lollies and ingredients that don’t contain any gelatine.

My friends loved the cake and we all had a fun day. I hope you like it too.