Coolest Rubber Duckie Cake

This is a Rubber Duckie Cake I made for a friend. Its Ernie and his Rubber Duckie taking a tubby. The tub is the cake carved and covered in fondant with fondant accents and Ernie and rubber duckie are also made from fondant and sugar paste.

The cake is on a board with wood pegs under made to look like the bottom of the tub. I covered the bottom board with fondant and painted it so it looked like a wood floor.

I loved making this cake Ernie is one of my favorites.

1 thought on “Coolest Rubber Duckie Cake”

  1. I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your cake. I am making a fancy bday cake for the first time (I’m not even attempting fondant!) But I have been looking at quite a few duckie cakes/ bubble cakes, and your work is superior!

    If you’re even coming to this website anymore, do you have any ideas on making a bubble cake? I mean “Lawerence Welk Bubbles!” My two year old is a bubble fanatic…. (well Barney is her number one, but the inlaws already bought the Barney cake)

    But, bubbles are her second, and since she is two, I figured her favorite part of her bday would be tearing into/eating the cake! (the other reason I don’t want to use fondant, I want her to actually eat it, and I hear fondant doesn’t taste good)

    Even if you don’t respond back, at least you know how much I enjoyed your work, I even wish you had more pics of it! Especially how you painted the wood floor, i could get some tips on shading the bubbles??)


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