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Coolest Rubber Duckie Cake

This Rubber Duckie cake is a Baby Shower cake that I made for my sister’s Baby Shower. The theme was Rubber Duckie and she was having a boy.

I made a 3 layer tiered cake. Each cake was a different flavor all with the same strawberry filling. The top was Dark Chocolate Fudge, the middle was yellow butter and the bottom was Devil’s Food Chocolate. I used wooden dowels in each layer and stacked the middle and top layers each on their own cake boards.

I used one long dowel pushed through the top to hold the entire cake together. The strawberry filling was homemade using frozen strawberries, sugar and corn starch. It tasted great! I made homemade marshmallow fondant to cover the different layers and used food coloring to color the bottom and middle layers. I also made homemade buttercream frosting that I used to frost the cakes before applying the fondant and for the dots around the bottom of the layers and the “bubbles” around the rubber duckies.

The lettering is also made out of my homemade fondant. The cake was a hit at the Baby Shower and tasted GREAT!

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  1. Sorry Greysi. I would have loved to make a cake for you, but I live too far away! You should try experimenting on your own.. looking up recipes online and trying different flavors and techniques is how I learned to make different fillings, fondants, etc.. Just get creative and have fun! Thanks for showing your support!


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