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Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

For my daughter’s first birthday, we decided to have a Rubber Ducky theme. I made this Rubber Ducky cake by placing two 9×13 cakes side by side. I poked holes in the cake with a toothpick, and poured blue jello mix over it, and then refrigerated it for a couple of hours. The jello seeps into the holes, makes the cake really moist and adds a fruity flavor.

I made a second batch of blue jello, and refrigerated until it was partially solidified and much thicker but not jelled. I cut out about a half inch layer of cake from the middle of the top. I then poured in the partially jelled jello and spread it out some to make the water. I chilled it again so that the jello could fully solidify. I added some cupcake ducks that I got from the cake decorating store and iced it with whipped cream to give it a susdy look. The bars of soap are made from the filling of Oreo cookies.

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