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Cool Homemade Rubber Ducky Cupcakes

These Rubber Ducky cupcakes were easy to make, just a little more detail than most cupcakes I make. The ducks were premade with a Wilton chocolate mold. Yellow and blue chocolate melts were used for the ducks. The frosting was buttercream dyed with blue.

The trick to dying this particular frosting is stirring it just enough to leave blue and white streaks to create a water effect. Using a Wilton Round Tip, I piped the frosting in small to medium round balls covering the top of the cupcake. I placed the rubber ducky on top to make it look as if it is swimming on water. It looks really cool when you have a large quantity sitting next to each other.

I got a huge reception when I took them to my friend’s baby shower.

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  1. My daughter is obsessed with rubber ducks! She wants these for her next party! I LOVE that its ALL eatable! Thanks for a great idea!


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