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Coolest Rugrats First Birthday Cake

I made this Rugrats First Birthday Cake for my husband’ co-worker who’s son and nephew shared a first birthday. I used a large circle cake pan for the base cake and then cut out a square using a square cake pan for the the present.

The whole cake is iced with butter cream icing then covered in homemade fondant.

Chuckie and Tommy are made out of fondant, it took me a little while to make them by looking at instructions from a Debbie Brown cake decorating book. The rest of the decorations are just colored fondant cut outs using cookie cutter for the circles and the letters, which are all stuck on with butter cream icing. The bow for the present I shaped and let set/dry/harden for a couple of days as well as the characters. They were attached using candy sticks inserted in the bottom and pushed into the cake to help stabilize them.

Over all it worked out pretty good considering I didn’t really have a plan.

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