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Coolest Saints Vs Vikings Football Cake

I made this Saints Vs Vikings Football Cake for a football party during the playoffs this year. I made this cake once before, but wanted to put more detail into this second one. It’s fun trying to figure what you can make into a cake and even more rewarding when you’re able to execute the project with satisfying results.

This is a white cake with butter cream frosting covered in colored fondant. I just used store bought cake batter and frosting, I also purchase the fondant at Michaels Craft Store. Given the amount of detail that I wanted to put into this cake I figured it would save me a lot of time. Royal icing was used for the lines and lettering.

The goalposts are made out of candy sticks that have been shaped and hot glued together. The football helmets are formed with rice crispy treats and covered with fondant. Face masks are made with floral wire. The Logos are drawn and cut out separately out of gumpaste, left to harden, colored then attached to the cake with a little bit of water.

I get to make a firetruck next week for a birthday party for a 5 year old. I just hope that the finished product turns out like I imagined it.

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