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Coolest Two-in-One Christmas Cake

I decorated  this Christmas cake for the last year holiday season. A rich fruit cake made by my English aunt was the base for the two options of this cake. I covered the top with royal icing -for the snowed scenery- and stuck a fence and some decorative christmas trees near the edges. Then I made a Santa  house with chocolate-biscuit dough cut in two triangles for the front and back, two rectangles  for the roof and two pine tree-shaped biscuits.

I put them together and decorated them with royal icing and candies.When the icing on top of the cake was completely dry, I put the Santa house in the middle and decorated with a chocolate Santa, a Snowman and a pair of deer. After the biscuit house, Santa and Snowman were “eaten up” by my children, the pair of deer took their place in the middle of the cake-not for long… it was time everyone enjoyed a good piece of the delicious cake with tea or coffee.

2 in 1 Christmas Cake
The same cake with the deer on top

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