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Coolest Scuba Diving Birthday Cake Design

I was asked to make this Scuba Diving Birthday Cake Design for a scuba-diving enthusiast, for her 30th birthday.

The cake is a very large Madeira cake, filled with “crema pasticcera” – a vanilla custard style filling used to fill cakes here in Italy. I then covered the cake in a thin layer of butter icing so the fondant would stick. As the cake was so big (it had to serve 60 people!), I think I used over 2.5 kg of icing! And as I had to roll the fondant icing out so large I did have some trouble with it sticking to my worktop, and it cracked, and ripped a little, ggrrr!

But I think I managed to cover up most of those imperfections with the decorations okay. I got to use some lovely colours to make the coral, and seaweed etc, and the diver was not as difficult as I though he might be. The shark was my only problem…poor old thing, he looks a bit geriatric really, with wrinkly skin (gum tragacanth sugarpaste disforming and wrinkling the skin, under his huge weight and girth!) and the funniest “false teeth” ever! But I was running out of time so I just had to leave them as they were, oh well…I think it made a few people smile. The waves are piped royal icing dragged out with a damp paint brush.

This was lots of fun to make, even if quite time consuming (but what novelty cakes are not?).

Homemade  Scuba Diving Birthday Cake Design

Homemade  Scuba Diving Birthday Cake Design

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