This Scuba Diver Birthday Cake was made for my friend Dan’s birthday. He is really into scuba diving in his spare time so I thought this would be a good cake design for him.

The cake was chocolate sponge (nice and simple to make) x4 made in rectangular trays, which I placed 2 side by side then covered them in jam and sandwiched the other 2 cakes on top to form a nice flat surface.

I made lots of blue butter icing and covered the cake, making sure that the crease between the cakes was filled and the top of the cake looked smooth. I then put brown sugar across the base of the cake to recreate sand which looked really effective. Then using black writing icing I piped the outline of a diver onto the cake and filled it it, adding further details with other colours.

To make the skin colour I just mixed the red and yellow writing icings together with a bit of plain butter icing.

I also piped green icing onto the cake to look like seaweed and made some fish. I used silver decorative balls as air bubbles. Then placed a couple of milky way magic stars on the sand to be star fish.

This cake was very yummy, but you got a bit of a sugar rush if you had a piece of the cake with the ‘sand’ on!