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Coolest Simpson Birthday Cake

My husband loves the Simpsons so I thought I’d make a Simpson Birthday Cake. I baked an 8″ sandwich cake filled with butter cream and jam, then covered with butter cream and then roll out icing. I then made Homer Simpson.

I rolled out some white icing in an oval shape for the torso and then a sausage shape which I cut in half for the arms. I rolled out some blue icing in a oblong shape and cut it in half three quarters of the way up and softened the edges to make his trousers. I made two oval shapes and flattened to make shoes, an oval shape in yellow colour for face, and two small ovals for hands, small oval in light brown for mouth. Positioned all the pieces on the cake then I rolled two tiny circles and flattened them for the eyes stuck on the face and drew two black dots on eyes with food colouring.

I then made a few tiny balls in light brown and flattened then pressed the end of a paint brush in them to make doughnuts. I made a plate to put them on. I positioned them on the cake, then I started to colour the cake in green with food colouring in different shades. I made some trees by pressing some icing through a sieve and positioned on the cake.

I finished off cutting some numbers and letters on the cake then dusted with a shimmer to finish off.

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