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Coolest Skittle Cake and Bowling Ball Cupcakes

I made this skittle cake and bowling ball cupcakes for my 7 year old’s bowling party, they were a real hit!

For the skittle cake I baked a butter cake recipe in a large rectangle baking tray. I found a skittle template on the web and enlarged it to cut out the skittle shape. I brushed melted apricot jam all over the cake and rolled out white fondant icing to cover the cake and smoothed over with my hands to remove any air bubbles.

To decorate cut out red fruit straps/roll ups strips, 2 red strips at the top of the skittle and 1 at the bottom and attach with icing. Tint with blue coloring any remaining white fondant icing and cut out an oval shape and attach to the center of the skittle with icing. Use licorice strips to cut out the required number for the age of the child, for me it was easy to cut out a 7!

For the bowling ball cupcakes, bake cupcakes with any spare batter from the main cake. Once cooled you can ice with dark chocolate butter icing or use melted candy melts in black color (this is what I used). Use white M&Ms or mint lollies to add three bowling holes.

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