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Coolest Sleeping Beauty Barbie Cake

I searched the web for ideas and recipes to make my 4 year old daughter a Barbie birthday cake. I settled on a marshmallow fondant recipe that was a lot of work but very easy and the finished product was much better than I ever imagined. And with boxed cake mix the total price with clearance Barbie was only $10!! Versus over $50 at my local grocery store.

The Sleeping Beauty Barbie Cake was a HUGE hit with the kids and the adults. The Sleeping Beauty Barbie played music and her dress lit up. So I kept her clothes on and wrapped the lower portion of the dress with press and seal (much easier to seal her in than plastic wrap).

I used a large spring form pan for the base and a medium Pyrex glass mixing bowl for the skirt. The cake settled too much and ended up too short for my Barbie, so I made a top tier out of aluminum foil. Once covered with fondant no one but I knew the secret to the top part of her dress.

The fondant kept the cake fresh for 3 days!

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