Coolest Sleeping Beauty Cake

I am just a novice at cake decorating, so when my daughter asked me for a Sleeping Beauty cake for her 4th birthday, I was a little worried. I wanted to make something that was simple enough for me to do, but that wouldn’t LOOK like it was simple to do. This cake took a little time, but was pretty easy to make.

I stacked 2 9×9 round cakes and frosted them. I let the cake sit out for a little while so the frosting would dry a little and get a thin crust to it. I found an image of Sleeping Beauty online, it was just a black and white coloring book page and traced it onto waxed paper. In the past, I’ve had a little trouble transferring the pictures. This time, I lightly sprayed the waxed paper with Pam Cooking Spray before I outlined the picture in frosting. The image came off almost perfectly!

I used a round writing tip to go over the outline once more and then I used a star shaped tip and filled in all the spaces. I used a small round tip to make the eyes, and I sprinkled her crown and necklace with edible glitter.

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