Cool Slot Machine Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a “Slot Machine” birthday cake for a friend. When I went to the computer to get some helpful hints, I came across this website.

I started with 2 6 inch French Vanilla cakes. And whipped up some Creme de Menthe butter cream icing to put in between the 2 layers. Then covered it with grey tinted fondant.

The top part of my cake, I used flower foam. I measured it to size, and cut the front on an angle to resemble what a “real ” machine would look like. This I also covered with grey tinted fondant, only after I spread icing gel on the foam. (It helps to make the fondant stick).

Then I measured my screen and with edible colored pens I wrote my “7”s. And the 4 little squares on the cake I wrote Play, Cash Out, Max Bet, Spin. I also made out of fondant and let dry is the “arm” that I attached to the cake with tooth picks. The little catch basin for the coin was made out of fondant and glued together.

I added 3D sticker’s with a “casino ” theme to the cake. The coins I bought at a Dollar store. And a red jube jube on top.

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