Coolest Slot Machine Triple Diamond Birthday Cake

This Slot Machine Triple Diamond Birthday Cake is a cake I made for my mother in law’s 70th birthday. It was a vanilla cake with homemade raspberry filling covered in gray fondant. (However, I got the fondant a little thin and it ripped a little during the 3 hour drive.)

The diamonds I hand traced from a kids coloring sheet that I reduced in size and made a template from. Everything is edible but the handle(part of a kids toy) and the light on top(kids plastic cup cut in half and covered in fondant). I have a large assortment of cookie cutters so that helped me with most of the shapes, including the lettering. I did the a few things free hand but I am not that skilled yet.

This was my 6th fondant cake, my first rectangular cake and by far my biggest accomplishment so far. My mother and father in law loved it! Enjoy!