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Coolest Chutes and Ladders Cake

I was invited to bring a special snack to my daughter’s first grade class on the same day it happened to be “Board Game Day.” I was inspired by some of the cakes I saw on this site and decided to make a Chutes and Ladders like cake.

I used a “Funfetti” cake mix as it was one I had in the pantry already and it’s always a hit with young kids. After baking and letting the cake cool completely, I dirty iced it (a very thin layer of frosting to seal in any crumbs) and refrigerated it again. A few hours later, I iced the cake in white butter cream frosting.

I created the red, blue, green, and yellow squares using pre-colored fondant by Wilton (they came in a package together). I rolled the fondant out and cut squares using a ruler as a guide. I measured the cake and made a light line in the frosting to mark my lines across the center both ways to help keep the lines from getting crooked. I rolled out and twisted the remaining fondant to create the top border.

I used black icing to pipe the ladders, fruit strips to make the chutes, and life savers for the game pieces. I added a border to the cake piping white frosting around the bottom edge. It still felt a little empty on the sides, so I used the remaining fruit strips and wrapped the edges of the cake in it.

This cake is very eye catching and pretty easy to make.

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  1. This cake is fun for any kind of party! I love the colors and the materials used. You can tell exactly what it is supposed to be – very talented work! I may even attempt it!


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