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Coolest Snowman Birthday Cake

This Snowman Birthday Cake was inspired by my son’s and father-in-law’s winter birthdays and our desire to stay away from “cutsie” designs. I used 8″ circle pans and cut around the head to make it smaller. I used frosted candy sprinkles over the entire snowman to give it some sparkle.

The ‘hills’ are cupcakes and the trees are green iced ice-cream cones with little tiny M&M’s for lights. The buttons are Rollos, the arms pretzels, the scarf gummy worms, the mouth licorice and black jelly beans for eyes. The hat is made of several square chocolate wafer cookies with chocolate icing in between to hold them straight. The brim of the hat is made of 2 finger chocolate cookies. The carrot nose was made of a tip of an ice cream cone, iced orange.

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