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Coolest Softball Birthday Cake

This homemade softball birthday cake was made for my little girls softball birthday party… I used a “ball” cake pan to make the ball and two square cake pans for the field.

After baking, while still warm, I put the cakes in the freezer. By freezing them, it makes them easier to handle and they won’t break. This was especially important for the ball. By wrapping them in plastic wrap and freezing them while they are still warm, it keeps the moisture in the cake. Eating them after they defrosted, you had no idea that the cake was ever frozen (I heard that the pros do this as well).

For the grass, I took shaved coconut, put in a freezer bag and put green dye and shook it up. For the “dirt” I used graham crackers, and crushed them up and then sifted them with a strainer to get just the finest pieces.

Bases, bat and ball are made out of homemade marshmallow fondant. Because it was for a girl, I made flowers out of icing to make it “feminine”.

Other ideas for the party: I went to Walmart and bough the cheapest softballs I could find. Bought a six pack of permanent markers all different colors. I had each kid when they first arrive, autograph the balls. They looked real cool cause the “autographs” were different colors. Each kid wen they left got a ball as a souvenir.

I went to the dollar store and bought baseball caps ($1 each) and ave the kids the hats. We played kickball on the street. Dinner was like a food stand and I cooked hot dogs and hamburgers.

The kids had a blast!!!

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