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Cool Homemade Softball Cake

My husband started his own men’s softball team. They won their first scrimmage game so it prompted me to make the team a softball cake to enjoy during their celebration. It turned out to be a huge hit.

I could’ve used the Wilton sports ball pan but I wanted to use something different and not so big. So I bought a packet of “snowballs” (pink cream filled cakes). I started by icing the cake green then using brown to draw the glove. Then I set the snowball on the glove and covered it with white icing using star tip. The smaller the star tip the better it looks. Then I proceeded on to the bases pretty simple.

One tip I love to share is if you add 1 cup of pudding to the batter it will make your cake super moist. (if you buy the little containers that come in 6 packets, use two containers.)

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