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Coolest Softball Cake Design

I actually made this Homemade Softball Cake Design for a friend’s wedding. Both she and her fiance are softball fanatics and really didn’t want a traditional cake with flowers and fancy icing. I decided on this simple 3 layer design that somewhat resembles a softball, wood grain of the bat, and grass.

I purchased cake pans, frosting tips, and fondant at Michaels Craft stores. They have a large selection of Wilton products that I found easy to use and work with. I started by baking the cake which took a double batch to fill all 3 cake pans. Once cooled, I cut the cakes in half with a cake leveler (best $3 I’ve ever spent) and filled each section with a filling of my choice.

Then each cake was scratch coated with frosting and put in the fridge to set up. After they were solid, I added more frosting to each cake then rolled out fondant to place over that. I used a PVC pipe as a rolling pin and a fondant mat lightly coated with cornstarch which kept it from sticking.

Each cake was covered and trimmed in the fondant then stacked onto the largest cake. I also cut 1/4 inch wood dowel into pieces and stuck them down into the center of the bottom two cakes for stability prior to adding the next cake. Fondant is quite heavy and I didn’t want the cake to collapse. The middle and top layers are also on a tinfoil covered piece of cardboard for this reason as well.

Once all the layers were stacked, I added the tan layer of fondant that I dyed with brown food coloring and carved with a knife to resemble wood grain. This was very simple and looked a bit like the wood of a bat. Next were the white dots along the top of the wood ribbons, and green grass effect. The grass covered the cardboard supports nicely as well. Finally, I added the red stitching on the top layer and the jersey numbers of my friend and her fiance. Once the cake made it safely to the reception location I added the softball cake topper to complete the look.

Homemade Softball Cake Design

Homemade Softball Cake Design

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