I made this solar system cake for my son who loves planets. This was the second time I made the solar system for his birthday so I wanted to top myself. The year before I put a clock motor into a cake to make the cake into a working clock. I wanted to use the same idea to make a comet rotate around the sun, but unfortunately the clock motor would not support the comet weight and I had to give up on this idea.

Solar System Cake Details

  • I decided light up stars were the next best thing.
  • I used a piece of covered plywood for my base.
  • I drilled holes in the plywood and ran battery operated LED lights into the holes.
  • I then covered the holes with different colored rock candy and voila… I had stars. It turned out great.
  • The candles went into the sun to make solar flares. The kids loved it.
  • The Kuiper Belt was made from chocolate rock candy.

The birthday party video has much better pictures so that you can see close up how it was all put to together. The video also depicts fun ideas for a solar system themed party.