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Coolest Solar System Birthday Cake

We made this Homemade Solar System Birthday Cake for our son’s 5th birthday. He knows all about the solar system and informed us of many details that should be included. First of all, he is in love with Pluto and insisted that we include the dwarf planet. Second, Uranus got hit a long time ago and now orbits on its side so it’s rings go the opposite way of Saturn (who knew Uranus even had rings?). I learned so much while researching this cake.

We started with a large cake tray and coated it with water icing that we tinted with black colouring. If you are planning on a large crowd you could use a large sheet cake instead.

The sun was made with half of a Wilton’s Sports ball pan. The 4 large gaseous planets were made with a Wilton’s Mini Ball pan. Venus, Earth, and Mars were made from cutting the tops off of mini cupcakes. Mercury, the Moon and Pluto were all made by cutting out a mini cupcake top with round metal measuring spoons.

The sun was decorated with yellow and orange butter cream frosting layered inside the same piping bag to give the random colour scheme. We frosted the Earth blue and “piped” on green sugar to make the continents. A bit of white frosting was added to make the poles (another request from our son). Mars was frosted orange and then dipped in red sugar. Venus (the hottest planet) was frosted orange and decorated with red sugar and black gel to give it the charred look. The rings for Saturn and Uranus were made by pouring melted candy wafers into the proper shapes. Finally, we added the candy rocks to represent the asteroid belt and some edible star glitter for the edge of the solar system.

Homemade Solar System Birthday Cake

3 thoughts on “Coolest Solar System Birthday Cake”

  1. that is amazing. i’d like to make it for my son’s 7th birthday but i don’t think i’ll accomplish it. he’s obsessed with space as well!

  2. This is going to be our inspiration for my son’s birthday cake. Can you elaborate on the melted candy wafers (what kind of candy wafers, etc)?

  3. I’m glad to help with your cake inspiration. This one was so much fun. Not very hard, just lots of colours to keep track of. I checked and the wafers are actually called Candy Melts by Wilton. They have many different colours. Have fun with your creation! I’d love to see it if you post it.


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