Coolest Solar System Cake

My friend mentioned to me that her son was turning 4 soon and that he was really into the planets right now and asked if I could maybe come up with a design for a cake and do it for him. I gave it some thought and did some research on the planets before coming up with a plan for a Solar System Cake.

The cake is yellow from scratch and the icing is all buttercream made from scratch. I started with a 14 inch square pan for the base and then baked an 8 inch round cake for the sun to go on top. I then made crispie treats and shaped them into the 9 planets. After the treats cooled and hardened, I covered them in colored Marshmallow fondant, each colored like the planet that it was. I used wire to stick them into the cake.

I piped white sparkling icing for the stars. He loved it and I was happy with how it turned out!


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