I made this Sombrero cake for a friend’s 29th birthday party. I was asked to make a cake to suit a Mexican themed surprise party that would feed 60 people. Well, that was a challenge, since I’ve never made a custom cake before. Here’s how I did it.

I baked 2 giant chocolate chip cookies (300 degrees in the oven for 30 minutes–make sure you lower the heat and watch it!). I stacked the 2 cookies on top of each other to make the base of the hat. I then baked a cake in a bowl that someone bought from Pampered Chef to make a Barbie dress. I borrowed that bowl, and used box mix to make the top of the hat.

I ended up stacking the bowl cake on an 8 inch round cake that I made as a back-up to create height in the hat. I decorated with canned frosting and used red shoestring licorice and other candies to decorate. The chili peppers are made from sugar coated jelly candies, cut up and pressed together.