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Coolest Sonic, Silver and Shadow the Hedgehogs Birthday Cake

So my son, Isaiah who just turned 5, has been into the whole Sonic the Hedgehog series lately so for his birthday, he requested that I make a Sonic themed cake. I asked him which were his favorite characters and he picked out Sonic, Silver and Shadow.

I decided on the 2 tier cake. The top tier is a chocolate cake filled with a nutella buttercream covered in sky blue fondant. The top tier theme was to have a few details from the game with a tree, some flowers, clouds and the infamous gold power rings.

The bottom tier is a vanilla cake with a strawberry buttercream and covered with modeling chocolate checkerboard squares to match the brown/tan checkerboard from the game and topped with alternating light/dark green leaves as the grass.

I sculpted Sonic, Silver and Shadow out of fondant with tylose powder kneaded in for more stability and placed those at the top as the main focal point. Lastly, I created a larger gold ring and had the number 5 (his birthday age) sit in it to accent the rest of the cake.

Everyone was very amazed by the cake (both inside and out) and loved it, even more so the birthday boy.

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