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Coolest Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Cake

I made this Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Cake for my son who was turning 12, and who is crazy about Sonic!

To begin, I used my Betty Crocker Cookbook to make the cake homemade. I used a large cake pan, about 12×16. I made two cake batters so that the cake would be thick enough in the oversized pan (which can be bought at Walmart now in the cake-decorating section). I printed out a very simple, flat image of Sonic’s head only, and proceeded to cut the outline of the cake out by looking at the image. Then freeze the cake, this will help to get the icing on without making the cake crumble.

I then made two batches of vanilla icing (also from Betty Crocker’s cookbook). I slightly tinted some of the icing to make the area around the mouth darker than the eyes. I then spread out white icing in the eye area, and last, I tinted the rest of the icing blue and spread it on the remaining areas. I used store bought lining icing to go around the eyes, ears and mouth and lined the outside of his head, mouth and eyebrows. For the eyes, I used green cake sprinkles from the grocery store. Keep the cake frozen until an hour or so before party time.

To make this cake easier to do, one could just use box cake (which would probably be moister) and buy white icing from the store and use food coloring in it, instead of homemaking the icing.

I must say though, everyone loved the taste of the homemade icing.

Homemade Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Cake

Homemade Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Cake

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