Coolest Spaceship to the Moon Cake

I had a lot of help with this Homemade Spaceship to the Moon Cake from my mum, who provided all the equipment and helped with some ideas of how to put the cake together.

I wanted to make a cake to celebrate my partner’s 60th birthday. Nick has always been a spaceflight enthusiast, and was a fan of Dan Dare and Torchy the Battery Boy as a child. Part of his birthday present was a trip to Cape Canaveral to the Kennedy Space Centre, so a space themed cake was appropriate, but I wanted something that was fun as well.

I decided to make a 3D Dan Dare/Torchy type spaceship. Later on I decided I needed to add something to put the candles into, so the Moon cake and aliens were added in.

The spaceship is made from rich fruit cake. The top and bottom were baked in 6″ pudding basins, and the middle in a normal 6″ round tin. There is a small 3″ cake board under the bottom of the cake, and a 5″ board between the bottom pudding basin cake and the rest of the cake. Together with dowelling supports, these help spread the weight of the cake.

The moon is a simple sponge cake, baked in a large Pyrex mixing bowl. I used the natural dents and contours of the cake and added craters to create the moon landscape.

Everything is iced using fondant icing. The spaceship and little flying saucers were sprayed with edible silver lustre to give them a metallic sheen.

Inside the box that forms the base is a piece of wooden strutting. This holds a metal rod firmly in place, which goes up through a strong plastic cylinder and into the cake to hold it upright. The plastic cylinder supports the cake off the board, and is covered in icing painted shades of red and orange to look like flames and smoke. Indoor sparklers were stuck underneath the cake to make it look more realistic when it was lit.

The astronaut and shuttle candles were bought from from my local supermarket.

Homemade Spaceship to the Moon Cake

Homemade Spaceship to the Moon Cake

Homemade Spaceship to the Moon Cake

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