Coolest Spaceship Birthday Cake

This Spaceship Birthday Cake is two cakes I made for my son’s third birthday. The planet (bottom cake) is three nine inch confitti cakes stacked and layered with strawberry filling, shaped round with a knife then frosted gray. The base is a pizza pan with holes, with a dowel rod screwed to the middle to support the spaceship. I bought choc. rocks used as a border.

The spaceship is one confetti cake shaped and frosted gray. The top is extra cake stuck on with frosting. I stuck the candles in the back to make it look like it was taking off. It turned out really cool.

At first I put blue and white cotton candy on the dowel rod and the bottom and back of the spaceship to look like smoke, but within two hours the cotton candy melted! But it was still cool. The only thing is that next time I would make the planet bigger and the spaceship smaller. My son loved it!

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