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Coolest Outer Space Moon Landing Cake

I made this Outer Space Moon Landing cake for my son’s fifth birthday. The party was an Astronaut Training Party. The cake itself is from a mix.

The base is a half sheet cake (3 cake mixes). For the moon and the planets, I used different sized glass mixing bowls (2 each for the round planets). The frosting is also store bought, with crushed Oreo’s mixed into the frosting for the rocky moon surface.

To make the round planets, I “glued” together two semi-circles with frosting and then frosted the outside. I used a skewer to hold the pieces together while I frosted. As always, I froze all the cake parts before frosting for easy frosting!

The astronaut, rocket, and moon buggy are all from one of those toy tubes (about 15 little toys) that you can buy at craft or other toy stores. For the earth, I frosted the whole thing blue, and then just added little bits of green and white to make the continents and clouds.

It took me less than an hour to frost the whole thing. The nice thing about planets is that they are bumpy, so the frosting doesn’t have to be perfect. Have fun!

I’ve written this detailed article on constructing this outer space cake…

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