Coolest Space Shuttle Birthday Cakes

Coolest Celebration Cakes and How-To Tips

This is all cake except the stand that my husband welded. This was made from 10 13×9 cakes and sugar cones for the shuttle exhaust cones or whatever they’re called. My husband sculpted and frosted this with a filet knife and star tip; the lettering, Nasa symbol and flag are made from edible rice paper. … Read more

Out of this World Spaceship Cake

My son recently turned five, and is totally in awe of all things outer space: planets, comets, stars, rocket ships, astronauts, etc. For Christmas I made him an astronaut costume- which he loved, and wore the day of his birthday party- and as far as his 5th birthday party was concerned, I knew I would … Read more

The Sky’s the Limit Shuttle Cake

The Sky's the Limit Shuttle Cake

I made this for a client who was throwing an outer space birthday party for her son. I make her children’s cakes every year, and each year she pushes the bounds of my creativity. This year she was doing an outer space theme. The invitations invited the kids to “Blast off”!  I borrowed some of … Read more

Coolest Spaceship to the Moon Cake

Homemade Spaceship to the Moon Cake

I had a lot of help with this Homemade Spaceship to the Moon Cake from my mum, who provided all the equipment and helped with some ideas of how to put the cake together. I wanted to make a cake to celebrate my partner’s 60th birthday. Nick has always been a spaceflight enthusiast, and was … Read more

Awesome Homemade Space Shuttle Cake

Coolest Space Shuttle Cake

I made this Space Shuttle Cake for my son who turned 6 years old. The big cake, which is the space, is made out of a brownie cake (homemade of course), filled with Dulce de Leche (is like Caramel, but taste way better, it’s an original dessert from Argentina), strawberries and whip cream. The top … Read more

Coolest Voyager Ship Cake

Homemade Voyager Ship Cake

My friend had an idea to make the Voyager Ship Cake from the TV series ‘Voyager’ as a cake, as he loves the program. We used a recipe for a basic sponge cake but doubled the ingredients so that we could bake 2 cakes. We baked one in a round tin and one in a … Read more

Cool Homemade Space Shuttle Cake

Homemade Space Shuttle Birthday Cake

I made this Space Shuttle Birthday Cake for my grandson’s 4th birthday. I made a chocolate cake in a 9″ by 13″ cake pan and followed directions I found on the Betty Crocker web site to cut and assemble the pieces. I used a simple light blue buttercream to frost it. From there, I came … Read more

Coolest Outer Space Rocket Shuttle Birthday Cake

Homemade Outer Space Rocket Shuttle Birthday Cake

For our son’s 7th Birthday, we were doing a Patriotic Space Shuttle Adventure party. I’d searched online and had seen all those beautiful and fancy cakes and was searching for an easier option. I found a cake on the Betty Crocker site that was a 3D cake and then had come across a NASA model … Read more

Coolest Space Shuttle Cake

Cole's Space Shuttle Cake

For my son’s 9th birthday,I made him a Space Shuttle cake since he likes NASA and space exploration so much. I made the tip out of card stock paper that I coiled into a cone and covered it in black icing. I baked part of cake in a bar pan and carved out for wings. … Read more

Coolest Space Shuttle Celebration Cakes 1

My son Cole has always challenged us with his unique birthday theme ideas and celebration cakes he wants. My challenge is always making the cakes myself for my childrens birthdays. Cole became fascinated with rockets and space so for his fifth birthday he wanted a space themed party. We first found an excellent website for … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Space Shuttle Cake

Space Shuttle Cake

My son wants to be an astronaut and asked me to make a space shuttle cake for his 5th birthday. I had no idea where to start until I found this website and so many wonderful ideas here. I made this out of a 9 x 13 size cake and printed a template off the … Read more

Coolest Space Shuttle Celebration Cakes 2

I baked a 9×13 sheet cake and iced it with white buttercream icing. I traced a picture of the space shuttle onto wax paper. (Here is a web page with coloring book pages/pictures…) Cut out the picture and place it on the sheet cake. I went around the edge of the wax paper with a … Read more