Coolest Spiderman Bust Cake

I made this Spiderman bust cake for my son’s 4th birthday. I am quite new to cake decorating but always like to challenge myself. The cake was the easy part. I made 2 x 10″ cakes and layered them on each other and I made an 8″ cake which I cut into quarters then layered two pieces together to make each shoulder. I then covered the whole cake in butter icing then in red fondant.

The head is made from polystyrene and to begin with was a nightmare to do. I had read a lot about icing this using the ‘viva method’ but it didn’t quite work out for me so I scrapped it and started again. I covered the head in butter icing then red fondant. This was difficult to do as the icing was to big and to heavy and kept tearing but after a lot of smoothing in, it worked out well. I then put two wooden dowels into the underneath of the head (I had already made the holes for them) then placed the head onto the cake. Then I added Spiderman’s eyes made from white fondant and used a template to cut out the spider emblem from black fondant then piped on the webbing.

I was so happy at how it turned out and the look on my son’s face was a picture when he saw it. I had many amazed faces from children and adults when they saw the cake.

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