I made this Spiderman Cake for my son’s 4th Birthday as he is mad for Spiderman. I followed the instructions for the Wilton Tin which I hired. I found the instructions on the Wilton website after a bit of a search!

I took a long time to make sure that the tin was greased and floured properly [I melted Trex and brushed this all over the tin, then sieved flour over it, gave it a good shake and did it again on any missed spots].

I used a basic Victoria chocolate sponge mix and cooked until a skewer came out clean. I ended up icing it two days before the party using the Wilton buttercream recipe. I was worried that the cake would not stay fresh and I must admit that I think next time I would freeze the cake and ice the night before as it was a little dry !

Kids loved it though and I got lots of compliments from mums and dads.