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Cool Homemade Spiderman Cupcakes

I made these Spiderman cupcakes for my son’s birthday a few months back but did not have time to submit the pictures until now.

My son is 13 and he was specific that he did not want a childish design. I decided on cupcakes with symbolic designs instead of a large cake.

I decided on 5 designs: (1) a Spiderman face, (2) a spider, (3) a web design, (4) a star design with his name, and (5) a last for the number candles I bought. As I planned to arrange them on a cupcake tree, the one with the candle will be unique and sit at the top. multiples of the other designs were made.

For the Spiderman face, I cut out a red oval shape and used an edible food ink pen to draw the web. I cut 2 dark triangle like shapes for the eyes, and top them with slightly smaller white triangle shapes.

The spiders were tear drop chocolate fondant balls, slightly flattened with thinly rolled strips added on for the legs.

The web design was piped on. The star was a cutout from a cookie mold with a banner like strip embossed with my son’s name.

My son was happy with his cupcakes.


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