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Coolest Spinning Twister Cake

The Spinner on this cake really works! We have 13 birthdays in my family in August, so every year, I make a fun cake for our party!

I took the spinner from a real Twister board and fastened it to a thin straw that stuck out of the cake, allowing it to spin. The circles are fruit roll-ups cut into circles with a cookie cutter. The lines are red “pull and peel” licorice strips. We are all Red Sox fans, so I replaced the regular socks and hands with a foam finger and Red Sox – both made out of gum paste.

Inside is yellow and chocolate cake with homemade butter cream icing between the layers and on the outside. (Can’t work with Fondant in the summer – too hot and muggy!)

This Homemade Spinning Twister Cake was delicious and everyone loved the personalization of the Red Sox theme!

Homemade Spinning Twister Cake

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